Turkish chicken soup with yoghurt and paprika-mint butter

A m Saturday, the guys and I were at our favorite turkey in Altona. Although (or because) it is always extremely crowded, noisy, and rather noisy, we love our little family reunion there very much. We leaf through the fully illustrated menu with a high plastic content, consider this, discuss that - and then (boah!) Usually end up with the same dishes. The man loves Andana Kebap, a sharp, open-flame grilled pike. I love the grilled chicken drumsticks with the little black charcoal fire crunchy spots. And the kid is in his Dürüm phase eating almost everything that's wrapped up in the thin Yufka flatbreads. Preferably with green salad and without tomatoes. Runs.

What is also fantastic in the favorite Turks: Right on the door is a large switch-par Parking, on which one always finds a free parking space for his DriveNow or Car2Go car. For those who do not come from Hamburg or live in a big city: A parking lot in front of the door is so good for a 5 Series in the lottery. At least. (By the way, a 6s would be a reserved Pact place with your own name, nech case you just asked yourself). Since we do not own a car as a downtown dweller, we pretty much turn around in the car-sharing bowls. And every time we relax, we can park in front of the door completely relaxed.

I'm not so sure what on Saturday was different than usual. We parked relaxed, immediately one Got a table ... and then suddenly I was totally into soup. No dish today, please. While the guys confidently ordered "the usual" under conspiratorial looks, I ventured into the back of the menu and ordered a chicken soup. And what can I say: SO DELICIOUS! Turkish chicken soup is made with yoghurt and given a fresh kick by lemon. A touch of mint it also in the game ... the combination of hearty, creamy, fresh and spicy made me totally happy. I was very enthusiastic.

So enthusiastic that I quickly copied the whole thing on Sunday. Because I clearly need more chicken soup in my life. Here comes my delicious interpretation of Turkish chicken soup with yoghurt, pepper mint butter and an extra load of vegetables. I hope I have not built a faux pas from the Turkish point of view. If there is anybody among you with Turkish roots (and corresponding authentic mom-soup-experience), I am very happy about feedback, hints and nicely packed criticism.

Get in the skin!

Turkish chicken soup with yoghurt and paprika-mint butter GourmetGuerilla.de

And Here comes the recipe for Turkish Chicken Soup with Yoghurt and Peppermint Butter

ingredients for 3-4 people:

1 tablespoon butter
1 onion, peeled and chopped
1 garlic clove, peeled and chopped
1 large chicken thigh (or 2 small)
1 1/4 liter of water - 2 teaspoons salt

2 celery stalks, in thin slices
1 large carrot, roughly grated
1 yellow pepper, in small cubes

200 g yoghurt 10% fat
3 egg yolks - juice 1/2 lemon

2 tablespoons butter and 1 teaspoon sweet pepper
1 teaspoon mint, get rocknet

salt & pepper
possibly. Parsley and some mint for the decoration
Serving lemon slices

And this is how it works:

At the end of the cooking time, fish the chicken thigh out of the pot, discard the skin and bones and pluck the meat into small pieces. Remove the pot from the heat, add the chicken again and stir the yoghurt mixture into the soup. Season with the lemon juice and possibly salt and pepper.

Draw the soup in bowls and drizzle with the pepper-mint butter. Possibly. Decorate with parsley and add more lemon slices to the soup.

Tip: If you want to heat the Turkish soup with yoghurt later on, warm it slowly with stirring. Do not boil any more as the yoghurt may otherwise flocculate.

Turkish chicken soup with yoghurt and paprika GourmetGuerilla.com  Turkish chicken soup with yoghurt and paprika-mint butter GourmetGuerilla.de