Persian chicken soup with Ghondi dumplings, chickpeas and saffron. Golden luck on the plate.

U And now everyone in the choir: Dumplings are great! And unbeatable in soup. I do not really know anyone who would not love a homemade soup with dumplings as soul food. What do you say? Whether as a German vegetarian variant in grandma's semolina dumpling soup, as a Jewish passover classic Matzo Ball Soup or - YAY! - In a wonderfully golden and aromatic Persian chicken soup with Ghondi dumplings. Always just good.

Persian chicken soup with Ghondi dumplings, chickpeas and saffron | GourmetGuerilla.comPersian chicken soup with Ghondi dumplings, chickpeas and saffron. Golden luck on the plate.

Ghondi dumplings are going by the way made from chicken or turkey minced meat with chickpea flour and are therefore gluten-free. Stiff whipped egg whites provide the certain fluffiness of the little things. The dumplings are then cooked directly in "double" boiled chicken broth seasoned with saffron and turmeric and absorb the whole, wonderful aroma. The soup is then served with chickpeas and chicken meat as an additional deposit. And who has always wondered what to do with the turmeric that languishes at home in the spice rack - here it is used almost lavishly.

By the way, on my trip to Israel, I recently noticed that I I have to be more involved with Arabic and Persian cuisine. The incredible amount of vegetables, herbs and spices, the great combinations and flavors just fit wonderfully into a varied modern diet. In the Israeli-Jewish implementation of this kitchen, the dishes also come kosher prepared on the table - that is, meat and milk dishes are not cooked together and served. This is great for vegetarians and vegans, but also offers a virtually inexhaustible variety, especially for people with lactose intolerance (especially with dessert - in German cuisine, desserts are hard to come by without cream or milk). For beginners, e.g. the cookbook "Israel Cooks Vegetarian" * by Tom Franz - whom I met in Tel Aviv for a cooked lunch together - a great introduction to kosher Israeli cuisine.

But back to soup love: the Persian chicken soup with Ghondi dumplings, chickpeas and saffron are easy to prepare, but not fast. If you cook the base stock yourself (which I recommend very warm!), The recipe needs a little while. But you will be rewarded with a huge portion of "real" taste, full aroma and a lot of soup happiness. Cooks the soup on a cuddly day at home, or on weekends and enjoys how the great scent ("Mom, what smells really sooo good ?!") moves through the apartment. Sprinkle with herbs and, if you like, eat a piece of pita bread with olive oil and zahtar, dukkah or hummus.Simmer over a low heat for 1 hour (if it fits, also for longer!).

Deepen the chicken breast fillet for the insert with salt and turmeric and cover in the refrigerator for 1 hour

For the Ghondi Dumplings use the chicken breast fillet in the food processor or in a lightning chopper to make fine minced meat (alternatively finely chop with a knife). Put in a bowl and work the chickpea flour and spices very well. Then mix the egg whites with the chicken and chickpea mince until a really homogeneous mass is obtained. (At first you think that will not work, but just keep mixing and kneading). Press the cling film onto the mass and allow to cool for 1 hour.

Drain the broth through a fine-mesh sieve. Use the meat from the chicken thighs for another dish (such as this delicious salad). Put the broth back in the clean pot and bring to the boil. Briefly rinse the breast fillet under running water and place in the saucepan and simmer over mild heat.

From the mince with a wet teaspoon, cut off small dumplings and put them briefly in the moistened palms Roll to elongated balls. Slide into the simmering broth. Cook the soup with meat and dumplings for about 30 minutes.

Remove the chicken from the soup and grind it into pieces with two forks.

Drain the chickpeas, add to the soup and Heat briefly.

Season the soup with salt, if necessary.

Spread the chicken on the soup bowls and add the hot soup with chickpeas and dumplings.

Persian chicken soup with Ghondi dumplings, chickpeas and saffron |

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