Fried salmon with vanilla, oranges and buttermilk coleslaw. From the winter cookbook "Your kitchen".

M a very sweetest are recipes that I did not even see coming. Scratched past the various ingredients in the supermarket a thousand times - but of course not in the dream came up with an idea to make something big out of it. And then - zack! - is there the right inspiration at once? Spontaneously, completely new taste buds emerge, because familiar flavors in a new combination result in a truly surprising WOW factor. If the whole thing is still quite simple to implement without great cooking experience, mega-equipment or expensive equipment, I find cooking just soooo terrific great. Where else can you discover so many new things around the clock and surprise yourself again and again and make you happy? Exactly. But back to the recipe:

This salmon with vanilla, honey, ginger and orange is just as happy a combination. Salmon - fried very often. Ginger - grated tuberously in pumpkin soups or Asian dishes. Honey - yes, you always have that somehow in the house. And vanilla pods were sometimes allowed to swim in a panna cotta. But everything together? With fish ... !? An absolute hammer. Of course, a little butter is also involved.

Fried salmon with vanilla, orange and buttermilk herb salad

The recipe comes from the winter cookbook "Your Kitchen" *, (affiliate link) I've already introduced to you. Regional and seasonal ingredients are at the heart of the cookbook and meet in inspiring and exciting combinations for icy and gray days. The cooked potato soup with spice butter and crunchy pretzel croutons also scored very deliciously with unusual wintry aromas and a stunning feel-good warm-feet-couch feeling. For me the salmon with vanilla, orange and buttermilk and coleslaw is even more exciting.

Already while reading the recipe I knew: I'm in big love. I just omitted the tarragon provided in the original recipe (because it has never really blown me away.) And the buttermilk dressing for the coleslaw I (as a counterweight to the lime) made a little sweeter sweeter. I suggest you cook it right away, fall in love with this winter salmon, and serve it to your entire family for Christmas. Because the time is really so pleasant manageable!

Have it delicious!

Cookbook Your Kitchen by REWE |

And should you also pretty muffled on the couch in "Your kitchen - a journey through the winter" browse and get you from the great photos and the beautiful layout mighty appetite - here come again the sources: The " Your kitchen "cookbook is available in all REWE stores and via the REWE delivery service. For 9,95 € a really rewarding affair. Or an enjoyable gift idea.

Roasted salmon with vanilla, orange and buttermilk and coleslaw | GourmetGuerilla.comFried salmon with vanilla, orange and buttermilk and coleslaw |

And here comes the recipe for roasted salmon with vanilla, orange and buttermilk coleslaw

ingredients for 2 persons:

250 g red cabbage
250 g pointed cabbage
½ teaspoon salt
200 ml organic buttermilk
1 lime , Juice and grated peel
½ tsp sugar
1 tbsp olive oil

2 salmon fillets, fresh with skin (approx.In a bowl with the salt knead well by hand for one minute and then leave for at least 20 minutes. Then drain off any escaped liquid.

For the dressing, mix the buttermilk with lime juice and rubbed off, sugar and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Add to the coleslaw.

Wash the salmon fillets and pat dry. In a pan, melt half of the butter and fry ginger, slices of orange and salmon (with the skin side up) for about 4 minutes. Then carefully turn the salmon over. Add the remaining butter, vanilla pod and marjoram and the honey and mix gently. Roast the salmon for another 4 minutes. Salt & pepper.

Place the salmon on a plate, surrounded with the slices of orange and ginger, and cover with the sauce. Serve with the coleslaw.

Roasted salmon with vanilla, orange and buttermilk and coleslaw | GourmetGuerilla. DE  Roasted salmon with vanilla, orange and buttermilk coleslaw |