Spring Milanese with orange and pistachios. Airy dessert biscuits and a very special digestive.

Contains advertisement for Italian Amaro with almond

H allo, my name is Mel. and I am a saucer biscuit Fan. Luscious desserts make me happy after a good meal namely not at all so . But a delicious homemade biscuit served as an espresso accompaniment on the saucer - YAY! - that's the perfect "sweet after" for me. That's why today I have some delicious dessert biscuits in pastries, which also conjure up a bit of spring on the table: Milanese with orange and pistachios - creamy cookies that melt like a little cloud with a touch of orange on the tongue and just the right amount of sweetness leave behind. Simply perfect for espresso or digestif after your meal!

The Spring Mailänderlis are also quickly and simply conjured by inexperienced bakers and taste great as a "naked" cookie. With a little frosting, chopped pistachios and one or the other bauble-sugar bloom, they turn into little works of art. For the extra portion of comfort on the dessert saucer - because (do not forget!) Easter and the family are coming soon.

For the special dessert moment in the spring or at Easter I have also a great tip for you ...

For just a short while Ramazzotti has captured the Italian spring and the almond blossom in a special edition : this year's classic herbal digestive comes with the tart-sweet taste of Italian almonds and the not-so-heavy alcohol content 25% Vol. Ramazzotti Amaretto Almond is limited and n Only available until May . The best thing that can happen to an almond in spring, so to speak. And for those who like a delicious Italian meal after a good meal: an espresso, a dessert (biscuit) and a sip of a glass of digestive culture.

Do I really have to mention that the amaros' sweet-and-sweet almond flavor blends wonderfully with the orange touch and the pistachio crack of the Milanese? I think you can already taste it, right? Speaking of taste: If there are already really hot days in spring (that would be great!) Ramazotti Amaretto Almond also tastes great on ice. You know!

And now let's get to the recipe:

The recipe for airy biscuits - spring Milanese with orange and pistachio nuts

Ingredients for 30 larger
or 45 smaller cookies:

320 g fine wheat flour
1 level tsp baking powder
1 pinch salt
80 g powdered sugar
Bowl 1 untreated orange, finely grated
1/3 teaspoons of ground vanilla - 200 g of butter, room-warm - 1 egg, size L

For decoration:
100 g of powdered sugar
2-3 tablespoons of fresh orange juice
xx g chopped pistachios
deco flowers at will (which you can find eg in the back shelf)

And this is how it works:

The oven on 175 gr Preheat upper/lower heat.Then add the butter to the sugar mixture and stir frothy with the hand mixer on highest level for at least 3 minutes.

Stir the egg under the sugar-butter mixture for at least 2 minutes at the highest level.

Then set the mixer to the lowest level and stir in the flour mixture in three portions. Work as fast as possible until everything has just joined you to a homogeneous dough.

Use a teaspoon to cut off a small portion of dough and roll it briefly into a ball between your hands. Gently flatten the ball and place it on the plate. Continue until the dough is used up or the tray is full. Be sure to keep a few inches between the biscuits as they rise while baking!

Bake the Milanese for 10-14 minutes (smaller ones need 10 more, larger biscuits more 14 minutes). Remove from the oven and let cool briefly on the baking sheet. Then place on a wire rack and allow to cool completely.

Glaze the icing sugar in a small bowl with 2 tablespoons of orange juice very well until the casting shines nicely. Only if it is really, really too thick, stir in some more juice.

Spread the orange frosting with a small spoon on the biscuits and sprinkle with pistachios. Those who like it especially spring-like, put still small sugar flowers on the biscuits.

PS: Drink responsibly.