About Moon Rise Cafe and Reviews


The moon, like the tides, is eternally the same yet eternally changing, recreating itself. The name Moon Rise represents being true to yourself and living life with purpose, passion and wisdom. Welcome to another moonrise on my journey and thank you for being a part of it.

We offer a warm welcome and an easy escape with bountiful breakfasts, hearty soups, crisp salads and handmade sandwiches.

We make all our own dressings, soups, raspberry jam, biscuits and little loaves of bread. We cook, peel, and shred all of the hash browns by hand.

We hope you enjoy your meal. We’ll do anything we can to accommodate your needs. If there is something special you would like or if you are in a hurry, please let us know, since some items take a little longer to prepare. We do have orders to go and you can always call ahead. We want you to be happy and to come back again!

“Dance like nobody is watching Work like you don’t need the money Love like you have never been hurt”

Enjoy –



Vic V.

Great breakfast. Was there today 3/12. will def come back. Food was just cooked right! next time will have to try a Mimosa  .


Jac F.

A charming cafe started by a dynamic duo and run with their friendly staff. They have an espresso machine - I enjoyed a peppermint mocha. I also got an eggs benedict and enjoyed every bite!The place was packed on a Friday morning - and with good reason!Staff was super friendly. The women's restroom had free feminine products and baby wipes available - now that is thoughtful!


Kristen L.

Was told it was going to be a 30 minute wait which turned into an hour, then had to wait over 30 minutes for our food! Our waitress brought us our drinks and then just disappeared and didn't check on us once! It's a tiny tiny restaurant I don't get it! Food was mediocre, like who puts "lunch meat" ham on an eggs benedict-I would like real Ham or at least Canadian bacon lol! No seasoning on the potatoes just bland. I will NEVER come here again!!!!!!!!!!


Michelle H.

Excellent food and a VERY welcoming staff! The food was so affordable. I got the smoked salmon eggs Benedict, and my husband had a pancake, eggs, bacon, and toast. Both meals were less than 25$. My eggs Benedict was good, but the eggs were slightly runnier than I like. The hollandaise sauce was the best I have ever tried! The hash browns were cooked perfectly, and it is something I definitely would suggest ordering. My husbands pancake was awesome, and both of us had plenty of food. I wish I could've tried their lattes, but their machine was down. We will for sure be coming back, and I suggest giving it a try if you are in the area!


Jin K.

Not sure why I didn't try this place out 5 years ago, but I finally did and I'm happy I did. They make homemade biscuits here, my god they were off the wall. Flakey,  buttery,  biscuits!! My friend and I ordered two omelettes. I can tell everything was homemade from scratch. The jam, the butter and they were nor stingy on the bacon inside my omelette! A bit of a wait but trust me it's worth the wait. I would like to come back again and try a burger here, I'm curious .


DeShawn A.

Found this place on Yelp and wanted to try based on reviews! It's a tiny place and the wait was about 30-40 minutes but it was worth it! I tried the Salmon Lovers scramble and Blackberry mimosa and it was delicious!! Our service was great too!  Everyone was so nice! When I'm back in town I can't wait to visit again!


Tornadoroo K.

We love this great little diner.   They have a wonderful selection of breakfast and lunch options.   Best of all the baker is on site and it's from scratch.  Yum!  We ordered the pancake and the French toast plates.  Warning: one pancake, sized like an old hub cap.  Huge!   Tender and tasty.  The French toast was two slices halved and dipped with the perfect amount of cinnamon.  No egg globs here.   The scramble eggs were done to perfection- not dried out or runny.   The sausage patty was real and about the size of my hand.  You can't get any better than this!  This place is busy for a reason.Parking: awful but worth a walk and hey you may get lucky.Service: great!  Fast and friendly.Restrooms: cleanOverall: clean and tables kept wiped - quite a feat with the number of customers.Drinks:  Coffee, soda.


Jen C.

We have been eating here for about 6 years and have always LOVED it. The food is amazing and everyone is so nice. We used to be bummed when it would be randomly closed - when they should be open. We would go to the Biscuit House when that would happen. So at least we had a great alternative.  Then the restaurant came under new management. And it became more reliable (times/days open). Great, right?! And the owners are super sweet. Then today we went to Starbucks right across the street (as we ALWAYS do) and walked over to get breakfast. All of a sudden they won't allow ANY outside beverages. We were told that the liquor control board would fine the waitress personally 00 if they came in to inspect and saw coffee on the table (from Starbucks). Really?! Okay - now you lost our business. The Biscuit House it is - from now on. Don't mess with our morning caffeine.


Tonja F.

Delicious food, welcoming staff and great prices for the amount of food you are served (A LOT).Tables and bar seating available. We sat at the bar as it was a busy Saturday morning. My niece enjoyed the Belgian waffle and bacon and I loved the scramble.Coffee was pretty good and they never let my cup go below half without topping me off with more. There were a few more things I wanted to try from the menu so I'll have to come back again!Highly recommend for breakfast with family, friends or when you are taking some "me time".


Sandy V.

This is one of my favorite neighborhood spots. The first visit there was one that made such an impression that my husband and I have been back many times. My favorite meal is the biscuits and gravy. My husband loves the sunrise sandwich. The food is fresh and the staff is friendly. This is a great place and independently owned and operated. Eat here for the great food and support the small businesses in your area.


Linda K.

Excellent service! Made to order cooked breakfast served up hot and fresh! Eggs were prepared perfectly. Homemade biscuit came out warm. Bacon was good! Coffee was hot and refills kept coming. Overall a nice comfortable sit down restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. We heard that everything that is served is homemade. We loved the hand peeled and shredded hash browns! Reserved parking stalls right in the front of the restaurant. We will be back.


Dena R.

Excellent food, staff was nice & accommodating. As with all great things, expect to wait..at the door and also for your food as it is a quaint, very small cafe running with minimum staff. Actually, they closed quite early per displayed business hours, disappointing several walk-in guests-explaining that "it's getting too hot in the kitchen for our cooks to cook". for a family of 4, was a bit surprising for brunch but the quality made it worth it.


Laani G.

This was my first time coming in to this cafe. The customer service was great for how busy they were. I came alone so I sat at the counter. I ordered the sausage omelette with onions mushrooms and feta. It came with home fries and an English muffin. The omelette itself was very bland and lacked seasoning. The home fries seemed to be more flavorful but some were firmer than others. The jam for the English muffin was good. Overall I had a pleasant experience and I will probably go again and just order something else. If the food is still bland I will just not go again.


Kim W.

I had a scramble with ham, bacon, mushrooms and cheese in it. Perfect crisp hashbrowns.  Excellent dark brown chewy wheat toast soaked in butter with a side of homemade raspberry jam. Heaven!I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We were driving back from visiting family.  If I lived close to Lakewood, I would eat here all the time.Thanks to my fellow Yelpers for turning me on to Moon Rise.


Fernando M.

I see many 5 and 4 star reviews unfortunately those reviews are very misleading.   When people are looking for a really good breakfast place and see a 4 star avg they will choose Moon Rise over another place and be disappointed just like we were.  The Waffle taste just like the Waffles I make while staying at a hotel from a pre-made mix.  I travel one week a month so I am very familiar with that Waffle insta-mix. The eggs and bacon were ok the bacon was thin and tasteless.  You know cheap bacon when you taste it and when you do you don't buy it again.  The eggs Benedict was sub par drowning in hollandaise sauce which was heavy on the lemon and broken, running, and translucent. Food is 2 star at best and I really hope you see my review other wise you are going to order what you believe will be a 4 star meal and be perplexed as to why it tastes like your are eating at a Denny's.  Ok so that is the food.  The restaurant itself is like a greasy spoon which I can get behind if they were pumping out amazing food but there really isn't any saving grace here except for the staff who are very friendly and pleasant to deal with.  The metal artwork on the walls for sale are amazing.  Looks to be cut from a CNC Laser cutting machine and the designs are advanced... pretty cool stuff.  I won't be back only because I spent trying a variety food because of the past reviews I read.  I feel scammed and that's a feeling I will not experiment with twice.


Jay R.

Had breakfast there today... I almost ordered an omelet UNTIL I saw they have a Monte Cristo. It is hidden on the lunch menu even though it is a nearly perfect breakfast food!When it arrived at my table I was slightly disappointed because it seemed smaller than other Monte Cristos I have consumed in the past. But with the side of hash browns, I was unable to finish the entire sandwich - I was forced to bring half home to devour at lunch.The food and service were spot on, excellent. They serve the Monte Cristo with a side of Raspberry jam (typical) and cream cheese (not typicla) - the cream cheese was a wonderful addition!


Binh P.

Solid place to go to, it's small and quaint which made it have a cozy and friendly vibe as you wait for your food. The food was worth waiting for considering the portions are great and the food overall was fantastic.


Chynna C.

Such a great place to go! The food is delicious,  the mimosas are strong,  and the waitresses are friendly and attentive.  The only downside is there can be quite a wait since it's so small. But definitely worth going to if you're not under a time crunch.


Timothy T.

Had the biscuits and gravey with hashbrowns.   Absolutley fantastic!  Highly recommended.


Luwi M.

I truly love this little cafe! Even though they have very limited options for vegans, I still give them 5 stars. Why? Because their service is amazing, place is clean and the food is delicious. I always get my tofu scramble with some vegan cheeze (they use Chao, yum!), hashbrowns (which are the best I've ever had) and yummy English muffins (only vegan option for the side of bread). And the unsweetened soy latte served in their cute humongous mug is my favorite latte ever. I always ask for extra hot and they make it so perfectly.  One of the servers is vegan and she is amazing. The other ladies who work there are also amazing. They are all polite, efficient, attentive and always greet when you come in. Stay awesome Moon Rise!!